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About Us

Starts from an idea to help digital-based creative industry, technology companies, and startup companies understanding on Indonesian law and regulation, particularly the one related with law business issue, JOGJALAWKARTA is establish to become a one stop legal solution for creative industry here in Indonesia and started from smart city, Yogyakarta.


Our Services


Company Establishment

Want to start your business, but you get confuse with type of business entity that fits and match with your requirement? Get confuse with the steps and procedure on how to establish or setting up your new company? If you are looking for set up a new company, JOGJALAWKARTA is the right legal entity for you.


Transaction and Business

Commercial Law at the top if the pyramid of the different branches of law, and commercial transactions is the backbone of economic life. Given that the business accelerated in the region and the daily changes that occur in the body of the judiciary, rhythm are dfficult ofr investors and companies to keep up with secretions commercial reality in terms of the rules.


Family Law

We in Yogyakarta believe that family and business is related closely. Like a penny coin, both of them could be increase the business and also destructive it. We will ensure you still could focus on growing up your business, when you are in the most bottom condition of your family life.


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