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Want to start your business, but you get confuse with type of business entity that fits and match with your requirement? Get confuse with the steps and procedure on how to establish or setting up your new company? If you are looking for set up a new company, JOGJALAWKARTA is the right legal entity for you. We provides and have set up numerous companies for both, expatriates and locals and are the experts in this area.

We in JOGJALAWKARTA believe that establishing a company must take a personal and professional approach, because of a company will represent business ideas, desire and objective of all stakeholders. We commited to providing you with our best practice and expertise to implement those great business idea annd objective in accordance with the prevailing Indonesian Law. Before we begin to start establishing your company, our consultant will work with a unique and simple method calls "legal general check up" to make sure that the company that they will stablish is in accordance wit their business plan and objective.

Once we have a complete understanding of your business goals and objective, we will give you with our best suggestion and start setting up your new company. We in JOGJALAWKARTA believe that our objective is to make sure that our clients will start their business with a peace of mind.

Our office provides service such as:

  • Certificate of Domicile (SKDP/SITU);
  • Taxpayer Registration Number (NPWP);
  • Trading Business License (SIUP);
  • Company Registration Certificate (along the changes and reporting);
  • Oil and Gas Registered Certificate (SKT MIGAS);
  • Plantation Technical Recommendation for Foreign Investment Purposes;
  • Franchise License;
  • Principle License & Business License from BKPM;
  • Importer-Producer Identity Number (API);
  • Industrial Business Permit (IUI);
  • Industrial Registry Certificate (TDI);
  • Certificate Tourism (TDUP), Business Registration, Restaurant, Travel Agent, Event Organizer and others;
  • Compulsory Manpower Report (WLK);
  • License for e-Commerce & Modern Business;
  • Registration for Marks, Patents and Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Permit for Construction (SIUJK or IUJK);
  • Disrption Dispentation Permit (HO);
  • Etc.


Commercial Law at the top if the pyramid of the different branches of law, and commercial transactions is the backbone of economic life. Given that the business accelerated in the region and the daily changes that occur in the body of the judiciary, rhythm are dfficult ofr investors and companies to keep up with secretions commercial reality in terms of the rules. This forces you to choose a legal representative and has extensive practical experience and adapted to the changes on order to stay informed with frequent changes in the judical system. In addition to providing all strategic decisions available in a short period of time to preserve the rights and profits.

Our office provides services such as:

  • Assist of Contract Signing
  • In House Counsel
  • Document Review & Legal Opinion
  • Legal Drafting
  • Serving Document & Affidavit
  • Small Claim Court
  • Law Suit
  • Appeals
  • Agraria/Property Dispute
  • Tax & Accounting
  • Etc.


We in Yogyakarta believe that family and business is related closely. Like a penny coin, both of them could be increase the business and also destructive it. We will ensure you still could focus on growing up your business, when you are in the most bottom condition of your family life.

Our teams will provide you with our professional legalsuggestion and opinion to make sure that you will enter or even settle your marriage life with configdence and comply with all of the related prevailing law and regulation.

JOGJALAWKARTA provides you a comprehensive family legal matters from the prenuptial wedding agreement to handling litigation cases related with family law.

Our teams have considerable experience of advising high net global individual and have represented leading personalities from the government officials, expatriates and entertainment sector.

Most members of our family law team are specialist family Lawyers commited to a constructive approach to the practice of family law. As a result of our commitment to the resolution code of practice, most our cases achive a settlement by constructive negotiation, saving costs for everyone involved.

Our office provides services such as:

  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreement
  • Will
  • Divorce
  • Marital Assets Separation
  • Child Custody
  • Legacy
  • Etc.




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